The Annex

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The Annex

4 Main Street (Unit 10), Vineyard Haven MA 02568
Open Tuesday ? Saturday 10:00 am ? 6:00 pm
Appointments required for all treatments
Ask about our 10% Our Island Club Discount

The Holistic Annex is open for your detox treatment needs. We also have a full supply of detox and nutrition products personally selected by Dr. Roni DeLuz. To schedule an appointment only, please call (508) 338-4744 or email

Treatments & Services

Hydrotherapy (Colonic)

$110 ? 55 mins
Cleanse from the inside out with a colonic performed on our state of the art colonic machine supervised by certified, trained nursing staff.

Ionic Foot Detox

$75 ? 45 mins
Detox and relax with an Ionic foot bath. Watch the water change color as the ions go to work and your body releases stored toxins.*Take 20% off your Ionic Foot Detox when added with a second treatment on the same day.

Cellulite Treatment

$175 ? 75 mins
Our high-tech solution to nature?s most challenging problem. We?ll spot treat your trouble spots with body contouring oil and oxygen serum and use our Dermasonic Cellulite Machine to break down fat pockets under the skin. Deep penetrating Celliminate Cream tops off the treatment. For best results, allow 6-12 treatments.

Feng Shui Hydrospa Treatments

High Heat Detox

$95 ? 55 mins
Detox, invigorate and energize in our Feng Shui Hydrospa. Slide into the spa and you?ll be enveloped in moist hydrating heat, vibratory massage and color sensory lights while you naturally cleanse your body of toxins. Perfect for weight loss, cellulite reduction and body detoxification.

Stress Release/ Muscle Ease

$125 ? 55 mins
Let your muscles relax and the troubles of the world melt away in this totally relaxing service. Your body is covered with Muscle Ease Oil for revitalizing and rejuvenating. Then, slip into the Hydrospa where you?ll relax in the warmth of radiant heat and steam. This is the ultimate service for taking the days stress away.

Natural Cleansing: Seaweed Wrap

$175 ? 55 mins
Indulge your body and spoil your skin with a nutrient rich Sea Renew Wrap seaweed gel made from the finest ingredients, followed by a relaxing session in our Hydrospa system. Once in the spa, warm, moist, radiant heat and steam are added for deep penetration of product with clarifying results.

Smoothing Body Wrap

$175 ? 55 mins
The service starts with a dryskin exfoliation, and the application of smoothing body oil. Then we wrap you completely in pressure wraps to speed the cleansing process and place you in our Hydrospa where radiant heat, steam and vibratory massage help you release toxins and relax.

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