Alpha Spa Capsule

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Alpha Spa Capsule

The Alpha Spa Capsule is the world?s most versatile multi-purpose spa machine. As your own personal sanctuary of wellness and relaxation, the Alpha Spa Capsule includes dry air sauna, adjustable massage vibrations, aromatherapy, a contour bed, soothing back heat, ionized face air, and a stereo sound system. It can perform customized combination treatments simultaneously so that your sessions might include: relaxation, weight loss, energy, pain relief, body wraps, massage, skin care, sleep, meditation, detoxification.

You can indulge in pre-massage warming, skin moisturizing and cleansing, aroma and music therapy, inch loss wraps, thalassotherapy (sea wraps) and other gentle techniques.

It is excellent as preparation for other therapies; relaxing, warming and detoxifying your body in a serene environment so that treatments and exercise are easier and more effective. The dry heat sauna actions that enhance the skin?s natural ability to sweat out toxins can help eliminate nicotine and chemicals to ease smoking addiction.

A session can help to rejuvenate and relax you, reduce stress, increase circulation, detoxify your body, reduce cellulite, relieve pain, improve your sleep and generally pamper you back to vibrant health.
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