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The SOQI Total Health Spa is a futuristic blend of HTE equipment developed to focus on the family health care trends of today. It is a brand-new health management concept utilizing the latest in scientific technology. It combines Eastern health philosophy and modern technology.

The SOQI Bed is a complete body treatment. It consists of three Far Infrared Hothouses that create healing infrared energy throughout the body. The Bed uses motion energy, thermal energy, nutritional energy, and electric energy. The combination of these help to:

  • Increase oxygen intake
  • Enhance the effectiveness of oxygenation
  • Stimulate the nutrition of blood cells
  • Adjust Autonomous Nervous.
[/disc_orange] The SOQi bed can also help with chemical and heavy metal detoxification, improved circulation, releasing trapped toxins, skin problems, strengthening the immune system, pain relief, and weight loss.

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