House Calls by Dr. Roni

Dr. Roni’s House Call

Did you know Dr. Roni makes house calls? That’s right! She will come directly to you and personally assist you in reaching your health goals whether you are critically ill or just need to lose a few pounds and get back on track. Take full advantage of the benefits of Dr. Roni’s programs in the comfort of your own home.

Who is this program for?

This is a great option if you:

  • Are too busy to come to us
  • Have critical conditions that deter you from traveling
  • want a completely custom program and one on one interaction with Dr. Roni
  • prefer to do the program in the comfort of you own home
  • want to work exclusively with Dr. Roni
  • need to detox on-location
  • have exhausted other treatment options

Whats Included?

  • Daily One on One support and direction from Dr. Roni
  • A Customized Daily Nutrition Program – Wellness Drinks, Soups, Detox and Treatment supplements, anytime broth, and tea
  • Naturopathic Education Sessions – Dr. Roni will personally teach you the art of living, eating and being well.
  • An In-Depth Health Assessment – Dr. Roni will thoroughly assess your current state of health, lifestyle and environmental influences
  • A Naturopahic Treatment Plan – Dr. Roni will develop an individualized treatment plan that will be used throughout your time together
  • Intensive Body Treatments and Wellness Therapies
  • A Continuing Maintenance Plan – Transitioning from detoxing to a normal diet, Diet and maintenance supplement recommendations and follow-up options

How do I find out more about this program?

To inquire about Dr. Roni’s House Call’s CALL US at 877-491-7837 choose option 1 or Enter your information below and a representitive will contact you






A Day of Wellness Detox

7:30 am Morning walk or opportunity for yoga/ pilates instruction
8:30 am Antioxidant Berry Drink & Tea
9:00 am Educational Class with the Naturopath or Detox Coach
10:30 am Intensive Daily Treatment (schedules will vary)
11:00 am Green Drink
12:00 pm Self-directed Therapies -Chi Machine, Rebounding, Sauna, Hot tub, Reflexology foot massager (schedules will vary)
1:00 pm Live Vegetable Juice
2:30 pm Siesta: rest, personal time, self-directed therapy, projects, or 2nd intensive therapy
3:00 pm Antioxidant drink
4:00 pm Afternoon Educational Class/Information Session
5:00 pm Dinner – Hot vegetable soup, Broth, Tea, Vitamin Drinks
6:00 pm Social Hour, visits from Dr. Roni & others
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Fall/ Winter 2011*

Duration Dates Program Cost
7 Day November 3rd thru 9th Wellness Detox $3,675
7 Day November 10th thru 16th Detox on a Budget $2,500+
7 Day December 1st thru 7th Wellness Detox $3,675
7 Day December 8th thru 14th Detox on a Budget $2,500+
21 Day January 1st thru 21st Special New Years Resolution Session $10,595


*We have an enrollment minimum of 3 participants to run a session

Groups: We can accommodate groups of 4 to 12 for private detox sessions at the Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat. If you are interested in bringing your group for a detox please inquire below and include the details of your group in the message section.

To book your Wellness Detox Call 877-491-7837 or enter your info below:





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