Oxygen/Exercise Therapy

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Oxygen/Exercise Therapy

Oxygen is by far the most important necessity of human life. It performs hundreds of tasks in the body, but the two most important are energy production and detoxification. In detoxification it combines with metabolic waste products to allow their elimination in a process called the oxidation reduction cycle. When insufficient oxygen is available, the cycle slows down, wastes pile up, circulation is sluggish, oxygen is unable to reach the cells and disease results.

Since oxygen is so critical to life, the ingestion of substances that increase oxygen levels in the body are most beneficial to optimum health. The best sources of oxygen are ozone, hydrogen peroxide and magnesium peroxide.

Ozone treatment is safe because healthy cells are surrounded by an enzyme coating, which ozone does not penetrate. Bacteria and viruses have no such coating and are dissolved on contact. Ozone also increases cellular immunity by promoting the production of the enzymes that form the cell wall coating. Some researchers say cancer begins when normal cell oxygen consumption drops below 40% forcing it to begin to ferment sugar instead of burning it. This process reduces the energy output. The cell then looks for other sources of oxygen and begins to copy itself wildly. This ungoverned cell replication is called cancer. Ozone introduced into the area, immediately attacks unhealthy cells lacking the enzyme coating while leaving healthy cells untouched. If sufficient ozone is administered over time the tumor will dissolve.

Ozone is also the most important modality in the comprehensive treatment of AIDS. It reverses unresolved pathogen process that contributes to the immune deficiency. It is effective in killing opportunistic viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa. It stimulates immunity while alleviating excessive reactions. It helps control malignant tumors. It promotes general revitalization by aiding in the elimination of toxins, reducing fatigue and prostration.

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