Colon Hydrotherapy

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Colon Hydrotherapy

How does colon therapy work and is it safe?

During your therapy, you lie relaxed on a table that is connected to the colonic equipment. A trained colonic therapist massages your abdomen and varies water temperature to improve the peristaltic action carrying the toxins out of your body.

At 1/4 PSA (pounds per square inch) the water flow is comfortable and, unlike laxatives, does not irritate or inflame the colon. The therapy is safe and usually lasts only 45 minutes to an hour.

How many colonics are needed and can one be dependent on them?

Since many people have 10 or more pounds of toxic build-up in their colons, one cleansing is usually not enough to remove all of it. So the amount of irrigation needed is different for each person. You need not be concerned about becoming dependent on colonics because the process actually tones the colon muscles, restoring their natural power and getting rid of the need for outside help.

Many retain both health and vitality from colon hydrotherapy.

Who needs colon care, and why?

In the United States, the answer is ?Most of us.?

Why? Because much of the food we?ve eaten all our lives contains toxins that decay, build up inside and then clog our colon. Over time, a stagnant cesspool forms there. One that accumulates disease toxins that can, and eventually do, flow into other cells in our body.

When that happens, your health suffers. People with clogged colons report everything from headaches and nausea to fatigue and low sex drive ? from insomnia and memory loss to protruding abdomens and prostate trouble, to depression and weight gain. (In some cases, colon hydrotherapy has removed up to 25 pounds of toxic waste from a patient?s colon.)

What is colon hydrotherapy and why does it work?

Colon hydrotherapy is as simple in theory as it is effective in practice. It uses hot and cold purified water to gently but firmly irrigate your colon, removing built-up toxins, mucous, accumulated feces and imprisoned parasites to prevent their spread through the body. Treatments include baths, saunas, whirlpools and hot and cold compresses and packs. Once the toxic buildup has been removed and the colon stops discharging diseased material into the body, the natural immune system can once again function at peak efficiency to restore vigorous health. Colon hydrotherapy is effective in treating a wide range of digestive, circulatory, and respiratory disorders.

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