Detox Programs

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5 day Quick Start- Arrive any Mon-Sat (call or email us to inquire about pricing and any specials)

[blockquote author=”Dr. Roni”]Have the benefit of a small group of detox buddies going through the program with you, while you learn how to detox. Packed with educational sessions and getting you started on the right path to wellness, this program will position you for success.[/blockquote]


  • Greeting and orientation on Thursday afternoon by our professional detox staff
  • A private comfortable room equipped to assist you with your detox regimen
  • 2 -1 1/2 hour Educational Classes per week on the benefits of nutrition, health, and lifestyle changes.
  • Daily health treatments to optimize your detox program
  • All supplements, juices, soups, and nutritionals served every two hours during your stay
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7 days-21 days (inquire about Pricing and any current specials)

[blockquote author=”Dr. Roni”]Enhance your detox experience with a deeper set of treatments, quality time with doctors, and a customized supplementation plan to meet your goals. Health challenges can be tricky and this extended time allows for a more thorough analysis of both health challenges and protocols.[/blockquote]

Includes all of Quick Start plus:

  • Personal consultation with Dr. Roni on detoxing and/or Dr. Redner on integrated wellness
  • Customized supplementation program to address your personal health goals
  • Full support and daily health treatments with the support of detox coaching
  • Opportunities for further analysis and customization with the following tests if desired at additional costs, (e.g., Blood Work, Hair Analysis, Diagnostic Testing, Bone Density Screening, Fat Analysis, and Vitamin Drips)
  • In-depth education and email support
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