Walk-in Detox Program

WHAT IS THE Walk-in Detox Program (21WDP)

Walk-in Detox Program on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard was created by popular demand based on Dr. Roni & James Hester New York Times Bestselling Book. Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox: 21 pounds in 21 Days. Dr Roni has partnered with a holistic team traveling around the country doing workshops on Science of detoxification and Holistic lifestyle. She created this program so that more people can experience the miracles of a clean body and a healthy mind while vacationing on the beautiful Island of Martha’s Vineyard in their own private space.

There are 5 Principles that will help detoxers to succeed at the step that most people fail: It is a Detox that can be done at the detoxer’s convenience for a week or 21 days while staying at their own home, hotel, boat or space. The Principles will stabilize the metabolism, improve health, and maintain weight loss no matter the meal preference (carnivore or vegan), regional tastes, ethnic heritage or budget after the detox. Most of all your immune system will be much improved with increase energy and vitality.

1) Consume Detox nutritional drinks or soups every 2 hours
2) Drink Distilled Water, Oxygenated Water, Mineral Water, Tea or Broth every 2 hours
3) Add 43 essential nutrients to the morning smoothie
4) Daily Activity such as walking, yoga, stretching, CHI machine,
5) Daily consume supplements such as enzymes, probiotics, metabolism enhancements, etc.


• Detoxification is the removal of toxic substances from the human body.
• Detoxification in Medicine can be achieved by ingestion, antidotes, dialysis, laser treatment, chelation and more.
• Detoxification in the context of Alternative and Holistic medicine consists of fasting, colon cleansing, chelation, IV Vitamin C, Nutrition, etc.
• Detoxing means different things to different people and there are many ways to detox. It simply means giving your body a rest from chewing and giving your body a chance to clean up.
• The diet detox helps rid the body of chemicals, toxins and bad food. Very simply toxins undermine our health, removing them from our bodies is one way to maintain vibrant health and beauty. Because a body overloaded with toxins can cause a number of symptoms such as stomach bloat, poor digestion, skin problems, fatigue, weight gain, thinning hair, bad breath, bad body odor, depression, headaches, etc. Our bodily systems can only handle so many toxins before it expresses its overload as a disease.
• Unlike many detox programs we based our WDP on the principle of taking in maximum nutrition in small doses. Nutritional value of 22 servings of fruits, vegetables, soups, live juices, and supplements. Compare this to the 5 to 9 servings the average American gets 1.4 servings of fruit and 3.7 servings of vegetables, for a total of 5.1 servings daily. In addition your body daily get 43 Essential nutrients each day.


• 21 pounds in 21 days
• Soaring energy and less need to sleep or nap.
• Better mental clarity, memory and focus.
• Fewer head and backaches.
• Less arthritis, knee aches and joint pain
• Clearer skin and brighter whites of the eyes

• Improved outlook on life and less mood swings
• Fewer colds and a stronger immune system.
• Reduction of PMS, hot flashes, night sweats.
• Reduction of cellulite.


Reservation Specialist will contact you to book your Treatments and Appointments.
The Reservation Specialist will also make your daily Schedule
The Detox Coach will make your every two hour juices, soups, smoothies and broths.
The pick-up time and place will be at the Retreat between 8:30 AM and 930 AM
Detox coach will go over all details of your day each morning from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM
Your package of nutrients and supplements (Detox Kit) will include all your drinks, soups, supplements, Dry Brush, Schedules, Instructions, and Phone numbers of all team members or wellness Coaches


• Hydrotherapy (Colonic)
• Cleanse colon and lighten your toxic load from the inside out with a colonic performed on our state-of-the-art machines by certified trained staff.

• Coffee or Cleansing Enema
• Take care of your liver – cleanse with an invigorating coffee enema to help your body repair and detox. Learn the art of lemon cleanse, Garlic Detox, Candida cleanse

• Ionic Foot Detox
• Detox with an Ionic foot bath. Watch the water change colors as the ions go to work and allow stored toxins to be released from the body revealing problematic organs.

• Cellulite Treatment
• With a high‐tech machine treat nature’s most challenging weight using our Dermasonic Cellulite Machine to break down fat pockets under the skin.

• High Heat Detox:
• Feng Shui or Alpha Spa Capsule delivers a high heat detox; invigorates and energize the cells allowing maximum weight lost. Slide into the spa and you’ll be enveloped in heat and vibratory massage while you naturally cleanse your body of toxins.

• Smoothing Body Wrap:
• We wrap you completely in pressure wraps to speed the cleansing process and place you in the spa capsule where radiant heat, steam and vibratory massage help you release toxins and relax.

• Infrared Heat Pain Therapy
• Infrared therapy provides many of the health benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation. Your relaxing session in the So Qui bed includes a Chi machine cellular exercise.

NOTE: You must call Reservation Specialist before booking any extra treatments. All treatments must be approved by Dr. Roni. You will be schedule for one treatment per day. You must be assess prior to taking any treatments. You must not book more than 1 treatment per day without approval for safety reasons.


The Walk in Detox Program is not the same as the Wellness Detox Program. Clients who are ill or who have one of the below health conditions or of similar nature must book a Wellness Retreat. You will work directly with Dr Roni and the medical team to execute your Detox and custom wellness protocol to pave the path to better health and vitality. The Reservation Specialist will determine which program is best for you. Over the past 25 years Dr Roni has treated a wide variety of health challenges ranging from mild to terminal; including
o Cancer
o Hormone Imbalances
o Obesity as a Medical Condition
o MS or other Autoimmune disorders
o Heavy Metal Toxicity
o High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Issues
o Fibromyalgia & CFS
o Candida and Parasites
o Arthritis
o Lyme Disease
o Diabetes
o Metabolic disorders
o Thyroid issues
o Colon disease & (IBS)
o Auto immune Diseases
o Liver, Pancreatic, Organ Disorders


The daily cost $425.00 -Weekly cost $2, 9750 -21 Day 21 pounds $8,300 ($625.00 discount)

5 Detox Cocktails or drinks per day
1smoothie with 43 essential nutrients
1 vegetable Soup daily
1 Vegetable Broth daily
3 different Supplements to support your Detox
1gallons of distilled water with custom minerals
1 detox tea bag with Stevia
Dry Skin Brush to Detox Skin

Spa Body Treatments (4 per week)
Health Support Treatments (3 per week)
Detox Coach Support by phone/email
Consultation with Dr. Roni (1 per week)
Juice class (1 per week)
Soup class (1 per week)
Daily yoga or stretch Class
Going Home Maintenance Manuel
Movie or Film Night


The daily cost $425.00
Weekly cost $2, 9750
21 Day 21 pounds $8,300 ($625.00 discount)
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