Critical Care Detox Retreat

Holistic Health Renewal

The Critical Care Detox program is one of the most important programs offered at Martha’s Holistic Vineyard Retreat. Designed to focus on individuals experiencing ongoing health problems, illnesses and other serious conditions, the Critical Care Detox program offers individualized health plans that value serenity and growth above all else.

Dr. Roni works with you and customizes your personal program to fit your health needs. She will be with you step by step assessing your health daily and giving you your treatments. These treatments range depending on your health but can be any of the below:

Vitamin drips

Glutathione drips


Ozone therapy

B12 and Bcomplex shots

And more...

Many clients prefer using holistic methodology to help them through a cancer or fibromyalgia detox process. With this program, you will first experience a calm detoxification, allowing your body to begin to heal itself. The Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat staff can also help with other aspects of detox, including help with individuals struggling with a variety of addictions. There is no task too large for their team of consultants, each highly trained and experienced in the arts of health and renewal.

The Critical Care Detox program is the ideal answer for anyone looking for a retreat away from problems caused by cancer, fibromyalgia, HIV gallbladder and liver problems, parasites or any of a number of other organ and body complications. Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat’s detoxification methods are carefully refined to work in concert with your body, and their team also works to educate each client on the optimal health they can achieve in relation to any condition.

The mental and emotional support available throughout the Critical Care Detox program is what most sets Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat apart from other retreats throughout the country. To receive your personal consultation, call the retreat today at 888-667-6168.

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A 21 Day "Critical Care" program ranges from $795-$995/day. The price will depend on your health care needs while you are staying with us. For example, if a client requires a 24 hour watch, that will increase the daily rate/costs. Please call us to discuss what health needs you would require and to schedule a possible phone consultation.

Advanced blood work & diagnostics evaluations +$1,800
Critical Care Program Includes:

  1. 21 day Health focused program
  2. Personalized Natural Health Plan with Individual care and Specialized treatments
  3. Private room and bath
  4. Holistic Care plan
  5. Natural Supplements, herbal remedies, Amino Acids, juices, and soups
  6. Psychological and emotional Detox sessions
  7. Team members include medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, nurse, body therapists, and detox coach.

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Call 888-667-6168 for availability or for a consultation to make sure this program is what you need.