Why am I still fat? I have tried everything! It may be your Hormones……

Our Hormones are out of control and that’s why we are Fat!

There are thousands of hormones in the body. Some of the most commonly known hormones are
estrogen, testosterone and insulin, but there are many more that you do not necessarily think about
on a regular basis that effect your body in various ways. Hormones are essentially chemicals in
the body that deliver messages between certain cells in the body. However, there are times when
toxins may interfere with our hormones and sets them off their course and knocks them off balance.

Before we talk about Toxins lets mention one Hormone call Insulin which causes major obesity in
our country and this is how it happens. As we begin to eat the hormone insulin is produce and these
hormones regulate our sugar if you are too many carbohydrate sugars, bread, rice, pasta, potatoes,
fruits and certain vegetables your pancreas produces more insulin which do not keep up with the
sugar intake so excess sugar is left in your body. When excess sugar is not immediately processed via insulin it turns to FAT .


Do out of control hormones cause slow metabolism?

My Metabolism is so slow! I eat small amounts of food but gain weight very fast; it is so depressing
says Ariel, former client to the Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat.

When our metabolic rate is altered and this can cause us to gain weight. People may also develop other symptoms, such as: 

  • Feeling slow,sluggish & bad
  • experiencing side effects after taking medications
  • Food cravings, especially after quitting smoking

Imbalance hormones and altered metabolism leads to a toxic body.

Our pancreas and our Thyroid are part of a fat burning system that controls our toxic waste and it

is altered by imbalance hormones and storage of toxins in the body. Mother Nature did not design

your body to mop up the thousands of manmade chemicals that are poisoning you from your food

and your environment. Toxic chemicals accumulate in your organs and make your body sluggish.

Toxins affect the way your body metabolizes food and eliminates waste. The end result: those

unwanted pounds. Unless you do something about it, toxic overload will overwhelm your body as it

struggles to expel damaging chemicals, and you will eventually get fat and sick.


How to prevent imbalance hormones from making you fat?

Many doctors will attempt to resolve these issues by simply prescribing a thyroid hormone or a
insulin resistant medication. However, this can cause many problems itself which this article will not
address at this time.

  • Detox your body at least 21 days every year this will assist in balancing hormones.
  • Use our Detox Kit on line. ( Green drinks , Antioxidant drinks Enzymes and protein powder and herbs)
  • Gluco-fast is all natural nutrient for sugar imbalance (can help you l with excessive sugar cravings; this is also good if you are insulin resistant.)
  • Use kelp or dulse in cleansing soups to supply your body with extra iodine and minerals. This helps to reduce fatigue and help your Thyroid
  • For constipation, you will want to include a herbal detox tea or a natural cleansing tea to your daily routine and schedule colonics regularly
  • Add protein shakes to your life and lower your complex carbs and sugar intake.
  • Stress reduction exercises like Yoga, meditation ,walking and swimming