Why aren’t you losing weight?

Ever wondered why after watching what you eat (staying away from fats and/or high calories) that the weight doesn’t seem to go away? Well, one reason is that your not taking account of how many carbohydrates and sugar your consuming? We all see the ads displaying calorie counts without the carbohydrates: so why aren’t they … Read more

Why am I still fat? I have tried everything! It may be your Hormones……

Our Hormones are out of control and that’s why we are Fat! There are thousands of hormones in the body. Some of the most commonly known hormones areestrogen, testosterone and insulin, but there are many more that you do not necessarily think abouton a regular basis that effect your body in various ways. Hormones are … Read more

Fresh Juices for Breakfast

The benefits of fresh juices Fresh juices are better and quicker than most breakfasts. Breakfast is the most important meal of our day. Unfortunately, owing to our modern lifestyles, we have disowned the idea of kick starting our day with a proper, nutritious breakfast. Those of you, who skip your breakfast, or any important meal … Read more