Why aren’t you losing weight?

Ever wondered why after watching what you eat (staying away from fats and/or high calories) that the weight doesn’t seem to go away? Well, one reason is that your not taking account of how many carbohydrates and sugar your consuming? We all see the ads displaying calorie counts without the carbohydrates: so why aren’t they … Read more

The Coffee Enema

[pullquote_left]A Coffee Enema? Now I’ve Heard Everything.What does it do? How does it work? – by Gar Hildenbrand[/pullquote_left] It is difficult to describe the incredulous facial expressions, which ripple across a medical school lecture audience as the topic of coffee enemas is introduced. Embarassing noise is heard from several seats in the hall. A wise guy heckles, “How do you take it”? Charlotte Gerson doesn’t miss a beat, answering, “Black” without cream and sugar. Laughter relaxes the entire room and Gerson goes on to explain this aspect of her famous father’s (Max Gerson, M.D.) treatment: 3 tablespoons of regular grind coffee, boiled in a quart of distilled water for 3 minutes, covered and simmered for ten minutes, cooled to body temperature, filtered and admitted to the colon using a short tip while lying on the right side. This is held for 12-15 minutes and released. Responses from the audience are typical: Boy, I’ll bet you get a buzz out of that! Couldn’t you just drink three or four cups of coffee? And the eventual big question is… What does a coffee enima do? Why go to all that trouble for a caffeine high?

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