The Benefits of Juicing

The Benefits of Juicing are uncountable


The benefits of juicing are uncountable. Juicing makes consuming fruits and vegetables quick and convenient on-the-go. Vegetables and fruits are rich sources of vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes. It must be noted
that our intestine has limited capabilities when it comes to absorbing all the essential nutrients
from eating raw vegetables or fruits. Juicing these natural food items facilitates the absorption of these
vital nutrients by the intestine.


Juicing fruits and vegetables is a great step towards putting our fast modern lifestyles on track
and inducing essential food items that not only help in the process of healing but also providing
the body with its much needed energy. Juicing involves minimal effort and make fruits and
vegetables ready to be consumed immediately.


How often do we cut fruits and forget to eat them, or leave a raw fruit half eaten and tend to
other tasks? How many times have you thrown an apple because it turned brown? Fruits and
vegetables, being perishable, produce toxins when cut and left to stay for long durations. They
can thus be harmful to the body. Juicing averts such a scenario, making sure you get complete
nutrition from your fruits and vegetables. It is reccomended that fresh juices are consumed immediately after they
are extracted, juicing reduces the chance of perished food entering the body. Although freshly
squeezed juice is most suitable for consumption, when kept in air tight jars that allow no oxygen
to pass through, it can be kept fresh for long durations too.


Juicing indeed has many benefits. It helps in retaining the total nutritional value of a fruit or
a vegetable. Fresh juicing ensures that your body gets an immediate boost of energy and vital
nutrients. Additionally, juicing is a boon for mothers whose children do not like to eat raw fruits
and vegetables. Juicing ensures that all natural goodness of fruits and vegetables are preserved
and presented in an attractive manner.


Juicing makes it easy for our body to digest high grade nutrients and feed them to our cells.
Juices help in detoxifying and cleansing the body along with repairing and healing damaged cells
and providing the essential nourishment.


In other words, juicing makes it possible for our bodies to receive holistic nutrition in order to
keep pace with our faced-paced schedules.


Here are a few recipes you are sure to love!


Green Bean Juice


1 bunch of Collard Greens
5-7 Green Beans
4 large Carrots
¼ in slice of Ginger
½ clove of Garlic


Sweet Spinach Carrot


4 large Carrots,
2 cups Spinach
Small bunch of Watercress
½ in slice Ginger
1 clove Garlic


Spicy Green Beets


2 large peeled Beets,
2 bunches of Kale
2 stalks of Celery
7-10 Green Beans
½ clove Garlic
¼ in slice Ginger


Cucumber Carrot


2 bunches of Kale
2 large Carrots
1 ½ large Cucumbers
1 stalk Celery
1 clove Garlic


Sweet immune juice


2 large Carrot
1 large Beet


Juice often! You will look good and feel GREAT!

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