Why YEVO FOOD is Good for Your Body

YEVO provides the best of food in a simple, convenient way. Too often, the food we eat is over processed to the point of becoming completely barren of the nutrients that we require in order to survive. YEVO not only makes you feel amazing, but you’ll look incredible to boot! It provides everything your body needs. They will ensure that we can be: • Heal infection and fight sicknesses • Metabolize our foods • Retain our joints and tendons • Keep our minds sharp and healthy • Prevent weight gain and disease 86% of health-related expense is for chronic disease treatments. Some of the more common chronic diseases that can wreak havoc on the body are impacted by your diet! This means that you CAN prevent them from taking their toll on you. According to many different studies, if people smoked, were obese, rarely exercised and didn’t have a nutritious diet, they were more likely to develop: • Cancer • Diabetes • Alzheimer’s disease • Osteoarthritis • Parkinson’s disease The Good in YEVO YEVO has none of the bad, yet all of the good! Each meal is crafted to ensure that you have everything you need in each meal to ensure your body is given optimal nutritional support. • 50% of the daily requirement in each meal • 43 essential nutrients in each of your meals • Delicious and wide range of flavors • Extreme source of protein • Look and feel GREAT • Provides fiber, potassium • Great source for essential vitamins • Simple to prepare One reason YEVO is so good is that it doesn’t use any of the bad things that the foods we typically serve today are! There are: • NO Trans fats • NO high heat used • NO artificial dyes • NO high sodium levels • NO MSGs • NO preservatives • NO cooking involved! Get Started Today! Free Consultation for a food plan with Dr. Roni…. Call us at 888- 667- You can save money, eat healthier and protect your body better using YEVO! You simply eat two meals each day, and you have all the energy and protein that you need to not only make it through the day, but to improve your body by the day! YEVO is a great way to promote weight loss, as well as to boost your energy levels and metabolism to feel more alert and active. There is no better way to get 43 essential nutrients and lose weight at same time.