Toxins in your yard


Do you read the caution statements on the products you buy? Are we really paying attention when they say “Use caution” or “Remove pets”, “Use in well ventilated areas”? Do you really know what they are trying to tell you? Let me translate: “This is Extremely Toxic!”  These weed killers aren’t only killing your weeds but you as well. Well after you have applied toxic lawn & garden products they stay and are picked up by your shoes, pets and children and brought into your home. Would you spray your floors down with weed killer? No! But when you spray it outside your home your might as well be as it ends up in your home with the foot traffic. Once in your home the toxins can be absorbed up through your skin if you or your children or grand children walk barefoot in the home. Lawn chemicals can also pollute the air and you may be breathing toxins. 

Your body stores the toxins that it cannot flush in your daily life. Over time these toxins build in your body and can cause chronic health problems such as headaches, fatigue, mucus problems, aches and pains, digestive disorders, allergy symptoms, skin irritations, dizziness, and sensitivity to chemicals, perfumes, and synthetics.

What can you do?

  1. Buy and use natural and organic Lawn Care products for your home – Your 
  2. Detox Regularly! – Come for a retreat or do a detox at home

You must learn cut out the habits that increase your body’s toxic load and detox often (4/yr is ideal for most folks) to achieve and maintain optimal health or you will be left behind with no energy or zest for life.

Then get started today! Choose a date! It’s your turn!
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