Deep Wrinkles, Weight-Gain, Loss of Energy, Nagging Health Conditions…. Are they just a natural part of aging? No!

Unfortunately many of us have been taught that weight-gain, deep wrinkles, lost

vibrancy, nagging health conditions and energy leaks occur naturally with age.

I’m here to tell you that they are not natural at all. It is often our diet not our

chronological age that makes us look and feel run-down. This is because processed foods age

the body. By “processed” I mean any food that does not look and taste as it does in its natural,

God-given state. The less it looks like it did when God made or grew it, the more processed and,

therefore, unhealthy, it probably is.


But since most Americans eat the same foods, most of us end up looking and feeling

the same way. When we see someone in our age group who appears more youthful and

energetic than we do, we tend to assume that they have good genes, or are doing something

to take care of themselves that we cannot afford or accomplish. Often these people are

wealthy; some of the ones we know the most about are even celebrities. And while some

have had plastic surgery or other “work,” many merely nourish themselves intensively in ways

that mainstream America does not. I would know; some of them come to me at the retreat for help.


The rest of us are trapped in a culture that encourages us to eat foods that we don’t

realize nourish us inadequately. One of the unfortunate results of this is, most of us have

no one in our lives who can tell us that we look lousy (with love and compassion, of course)

because they look lousy too. We live in families and communities full of folks who know

of no other way to feel than tired. Many of us do not have enough energy and we feel less

than optimally and so our lives become stuck. These states are intimately related, as I will

explain. We have no one to shake us and tell us to snap out of the trance that keeps Americans

marching toward the cliff of obesity and chronic disease: diabetes, heart disease, hypertension

and other major illnesses that increasingly plague our society.

As someone who has been overweight and sick and overwhelmed; as someone who

has felt desperate to recover health that I had once taken for granted; and as someone who

has been there and back, I want you to know:

  1. You DO NOT have to settle for feeling less than your best.
  2. You DO NOT have to accept looking older than your years.
  3. You DO NOT have to put up with being sluggish, tired and achy.
  4. You DO NOT have to give up on your goal to be healthy and achieve a reasonable weight.
  5. You DO have to have an open mind and be willing to make a few simple changes that will dramatically transform your life. 

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Dr. Roni DeLuz;

Your partner in wellness