10 Most Alkalizing Foods

An important part of achieving and maintaining good health is keeping the body’s PH level in an alkaline state. Here are the top 10 foods that you can incorporate in your diet to gain alkalinity and create an environment that assists in healing and fighting disease.

1.Lemons have a pH level of 9.0

2. Watermelons a pH of 9.0

3. Spinach has a pH of 9.0

4. Asparagus has a pH level of 8.5

5. Mango and papaya pH of 8.5.

6. Capsicum or cayenne pepper pH of 8.5

7. Grapes and pineapples a pH of 8.5

8. Apples have a pH level of 8.0

9. Alfalfa sprouts boast a pH level of 7.5

10. Garlic is an alkalizing food with a pH of 8.0

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