Understanding the Walk-in Detox Program

With the stress of everyday life, it is easy to get into a rut with your health. When you don’t take the time to take care of yourself, you can easily notice your energy decline, your focus shift and your mood fluctuating. If you are experiencing frequent aches and pains and a declining outlook on … Read more

Start Down the Road to Cleaning Living With a Detox Consult

A new year offers us the opportunity to reflect and meditate on the changes we wish to see in our lives. Health is of the utmost importance to maintaining a happy lifestyle, especially after a holiday season of rich foods and an extensive menu of cocktails. During the holiday season most people tend to stretch … Read more

GMO Foods (Are You Eating “Genetically Modified Foods”?) Hmmmm

The Food and Drug Administration does not require safety testing of new genetically modified foods (“GMOs”), instead relying on corporations’ profits from the sale of such foods to ensure their safety for us. Contrary to industry claims, GMO foods have not been proven safe, and a growing body of independent, peer-reviewed studies have linked the … Read more