Detoxing can Help climbing Cancer Rates

Each year more and more people are being diagnosed with cancer. Whether it is breast
cancer, lung cancer or stomach cancer, the cause of all types of cancer can be linked to one
root cause – toxins. With cancer rates climbing each year, millions of people want to know
how they can prevent it as well as fight it and does detoxing help.

Our bodies are complex organisms, the building blocks at the base our complex bodies are the cells that make up each
part of our body, our organs, tissues and bones. The cell is the basic form of life and our bodies are
made up of trillions of them. However, when these cells are influenced negatively by our
environment and toxins in our diet, they begin to malfunction. These cells
become cancer cells. If cancer cells are allowed to grow and spread, they form tumors that
will only continue to grow until the body itself eventually shuts down and dies.

Each feature that our body displays: physical, mental and emotional is there for a reason.
Our entire body is made up of individualized cells that have specific functions in the body.
Cardiac cells make up our heart muscles, muscle cells make up our muscles and our tissues
are made up of a variety of different cell types. Each cell has a purpose and many of these
cells have the job of defending our bodies. For instance, the lymph nodes filter the blood
system for viruses, bacteria and other foreign substances. The liver is responsible for
cleansing the blood of invaders as well, particularly toxins and foreign chemicals.

Cells become ill themselves when they don’t receive enough oxygen. This lack of oxygen
could be due to a lack of nutrients or they are exposed to extreme cold or heat. They may
be exposed to radiation, which kills them and they are often exposed to toxins from the
environment. While our cells never stop working, they may not be working properly and
when this happens, the chance for cancer increases significantly.

Detox can help keep the cells functioning properly by ensuring that they receive the oxygen
and nutrients that they need to do their jobs. Detoxing is not necessarily all about losing
weight, but improving the body’s nutrition. When you provide your cells enough nutrition,
the body uses those nutrients to heal itself and flush out the toxins that are causing the
cells to malfunction. When you detox, all of this happens in your body naturally.

The goal of detoxing is to cleanse the body. One type of detox that is commonly used by
cancer patients to fight the cancer and restore their bodies is juice detoxing. The juices
of vegetables, lemons, berries, melons and grapes are highly alkaline. Through this type
of detox, the toxins are cleansed from the body at a rapid rate. Fresh juice is also healthy
because it is full of antioxidants and phytonutrients. These kill free radicals in the body that
are responsible for causing cell malfunction and cancer. In fact, a report published by the
American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund found that
cancer rates would drop by 20% if more people received at least five servings of fruits and
vegetables a day, which is possible through the juice Detox.

The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox (21 Pounds in 21 Days) uses fresh vegetable juice,
cooked vegetable soup, broth, teas, other phytonutrients that are made from Green vegetables
in dried powder and liquids Antioxidants from exotic berries to include flavonoids, saponins,
phenols, carotenoids, phytoestrogens, enzymes, sulfur containing compounds, joint health
formula, immune boosting nutrients, Probiotic and anti-aging compounds for energy and immune system.

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Don’t forget so many people have stopped their cancer from growing at a rapid rate by cleaning
up the toxin’s in their body and increasing nutrition.

Remember your body believes what you tell it!

Your partner in wellness,

Roni Deluz, ND, RN, PH.D

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