Vital Tips On Detoxing

Are you thinking about detoxing?


If you have been experiencing frequent headaches, constipation related skin problems, nausea, weight gain and general lack of vitality and a host of other unexplained health issues, you should consider detoxing your body. Detoxing is short for detoxification. As the name suggests, it involves cleansing the body of all the potentially harmful dietary and environmental toxins and revitalizing it.

Detoxing primarily accelerates the elimination of body waste, cleans the colon, enhances blood circulation, purges allergenic or fatty food items from the diet and replenishes the body with nutrients to promote optimal health and functioning of the liver.

Processed foods, a stressful lifestyle and environmental pollution can lead to the build-up of toxins in the body over a period of time and if not flushed out it can lead to chronic disease. Since the liver is the chief organ involved in the process of detoxing, extra care should be taken during the detox program in order to ensure that this vital organ’s functioning is not hampered.

If you’re considering detoxing I want you to be successful, renewed by the experience and enjoy all the benefits that detoxing can accomplish. So in order to bring your liver on track and regain the lost sheen on your face? Here are a few tips:

  • Go slow. Choose a detoxing program that is not too harsh on your body. However, do not choose a very mild cleansing technique since that would be totally ineffective. The ideal way to proceed is to graduate from a gentle program to a more vigorous one.
  • Pregnant women or those experiencing their menstrual cycle should hold-off on detoxing.
  • Allow enough time for each cleansing process. A bowel cleaning session may require up to 4 hours of purging.
  • Do not over exert yourself while on a detoxing program.
  • Before beginning the cleansing program, throughly read all the instructions carefully. Include the food items required for detoxification after consulting a dietician.
  • Consult a trained detox/cleanse practitioner to diagnose and address your specific problems. Provide the practitioner with all the minute details pertaining your issue, lifestyle, diet and habits.
  • Before going full throttle with the detoxing/cleansing process, decide the cleansing order with your health practitioner. Prepare yourself for colon cleansing, kidney cleansing, liver cleansing, lung cleansing or skin cleansing, depending upon your problem and place them in the right order. Prepare your body and mind accordingly. With the right order and preparation, detoxing can produce excellent results!

I hope you found these tips useful – Dr. Roni, your partner in wellness.

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