Understanding Summer Detoxing

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How can you have fun this summer and keep your detox on track?

In the summer months, appetites tend to decrease due to heat. Many people just don’t get hungry in the summer and, therefore, are not receiving the nutrients that their body needs. For a quick and easy meal that won?t weigh you down, cook up some soup and save it in the refrigerator to use throughout the week. This will allow you to eat whenever you are hungry and will ensure that you receive maximum nutrition.  Also, try eating soups cold, you would be surprised how good they are.

You can improve the flavor of your summer soups by pumping up their flavor naturally. Consider including cilantro, parsley and onions to improve the flavor of soups and to add a unique summer twist to old winter favorites.

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Drinking fresh juice made from fresh vegetables is a great way to receive double the amount of nutrition of a meal and to quench that summer thirst. Fresh juices made in the summer are often better because the vegetables are at their peaks in terms of nutrient content and will provide the necessary nutrition required for a good detox. In addition, because juicing allows for the consumption of twice the amount of vegetables as does eating them with a fork, it helps to fight off the ill effects of summer colds and viruses.

Green drinks are a great way to get more energy for summer activities. They are derived from green vegetables and are ideal for the energy boost people look for on hot summer days. Green drinks are ideal for providing the body with more oxygen and nutrients which then results in even more energy. Additionally, these drinks are great cleansers.

Fresh berry drinks are another great way to quench that summer thirst. Fresh summer berries are at their prime in the growing season and absolutely delicious. These drinks have a similar action to that of green drinks. They are full of antioxidants that fight off free radicals in the body and they taste great. There are a variety of different types of berries that  you can enjoy in the summer including raspberries, blueberries, pomegranates, grapes, blackberries and prunes.

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During the summer, just about every vegetable is in season and tasting its best. Additionally, when using only the freshest in-season veggies, people are able to gain the most nutrition possible from them. Take advantage of fresh vegetables and keep your detox going this summer.

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