Understanding Kids & Obesity

[pullquote_left]How can parents help their kids overcome obesity? – By Dr.Roni DeLuz PHD, RN, ND[/pullquote_left]

In general, Americans have a pretty unhealthy relationship with food. The main problem is that people eat way too much and poor food choices are available at a moment’s notice. With fast food restaurants and convenience stores open around the clock, it?s no wonder that the country, as a whole, is gaining weight at an unsafe rate. A cheeseburger, French fries and 64 ounce soda is not the healthiest food option in the middle of the day, much less the middle of the night.

Childhood Obesity

In addition to unhealthy choices that are readily available, restaurants also serve enormous portion sizes. When people go out to eat, they get salad and breadsticks and then huge plates of pasta. The problem is that it?s enough to feed a small army, but it is only meant for two people. Many children are taught to eat everything on their plates and not to waste food. Because of this, many Americans devour each and every piece of food that is set in front of them.  The childhood obesity epidemic in America is not limited to adults.  More and more children are becoming victims.

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Today, children eat what their parents used to eat, except they are not getting the exercise that children of the past received. Today’s children turn on the TV the moment they walk in the door and, in some families, it?s not turned off until they go to bed. Combine this with a diet of junk food and it is a recipe for unhealthy, toxic and childhood obesity.

In addition to an unhealthy lifestyle, children are also being exposed to more and more toxins than ever before. A child growing up in today’s society is far more likely to eat unhealthy, processed foods that contain large amounts of preservatives and additives than children would have eaten forty years ago. Fruits and vegetables have gone to the side in favor of candy that is processed and preserved and has no nutritional value.

With this unhealthy lifestyle, is there hope for today’s children? Yes, there is, and it starts with detoxing their bodies and minds. Children need the same nutrition that adults need, if not more. Their bodies are growing and they need all the help they can get. By going through a detox with your child, you will both be able to relinquish yourselves from the years of unhealthy toxins that you have been exposed to. Children can benefit from juicing, healthy soups and cleansing their bodies of years of built-up toxins. Additionally, detox is a perfect time to teach a child how to eat healthy and to get them moving outdoors, even if it is just a short daily walk. Detoxing can be fun for children as there are a number of different recipes designed to attract the taste buds of children of all ages. The following are some additional tips for detoxing with your kids to prevent;

Preventing Childhood Obesity

  • Plan your detox well and in advance. Take time before you begin the detox to make yourself familiar with what to expect and what you will need to do while you are detoxing.
  • Allow time in your life for the detox. Find a time when your schedule allows a little more ?down? time. This is a period in your life when you can put your weight-loss and health goals above everything else.
  • Build a support group. Take each day at a time and get the support you need from friends, family and your own doctor if you feel it is appropriate.
  • Set a good example. A great way to change the unhealthy habits of your family is by detoxing together.  Set realistic goals for each family member and remember to make it fun!

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