Toxic Foods

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[pullquote_left]Learn the three levels of food and which foods to stay away from and which foods to incorporate into your diet. – By Dr.Roni DeLuz PHD, RN, ND[/pullquote_left]

3 Toxic Foods to Stay Away From

Food used to be more nourishing and less toxic. Today we are living in a very toxic foods world which brings me to three a subjects that I love to discuss and write about: toxic environment, toxic food, and toxic bodies. We have what I call “3 levels of food”

The third or bottom level of food is “over-civilized” or over-processed food. It is what a majority of Americans eat today; high in sugar, high in salt, high in chemicals, and low in fiber and nutrients.

How did our toxic foods get so bad?

It saddens me to have to mention that the huge American farm corporations apply approximately a billion pounds of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and rodenticides to our food supply.  This poses a danger to us because these toxins remain as residues on our food which can lead to many diseases including cancer.

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What do you consider “over-civilized” or over-processed foods to be?

It?s not uncommon to find many families still eating canned and boxed food that is high in chemical preservatives.  A typical toxic foods meal at this level might look like this: canned green beans, boxed white minute rice,  canned brown gravy, instant boxed corn bread, fried chicken and soda or milk. These foods are high in fat, salt, sugar, preservatives, antibiotics and pesticides.  They are low in fiber, nutrients and enzymes.  Most people who eat like this are grossly overweight, in poor health, and lack energy, mental clarity, physical vibrancy. Their immune system is weakened to the point where they are constantly getting colds, viruses, and chronic ailments.  To help you get on the right track and for more details about detoxing for health and weight loss read about the At Home Detox Program.

The second level of food is what I call “live organic” food and it is getting increasing attention today. Live means foods that occur in nature like vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts. This level of food is what our grandmother is talking about when she says, Eat your vegetables, its fresh out of the garden, toxic foods aren’t.

But things have changed Grandma!?  Take our spinach or collard greens for example; 25 years ago the soil was richer and the nutrient level higher. Today we would have to eat 15 cups of greens to get the same nutrients our grandparents got from one cup!  A shocking fact is that the United States has lost 75% of its top soil to date. However, this second level of food is certainly a better quality food than the third or bottom level.

What does a typical second level meal look like?
A typical meal of second level food might look like this: Salad of cleansing vegetables such as baby greens, grated carrots, cucumbers, freshly sliced beets, sliced tomatoes, and chopped green onions with your own freshly made salad dressing made with flax or almond oil, minced ginger, chopped basil, and tarragon vinegar.

Brown rice and curried lentils. This is less toxic, no preservatives, full of nutrients, natural enzymes, essential fatty acids, and fiber.  It is low in sodium and the PH balance of this food is more alkaline than acid and it?s easier to digest and metabolize. This level of cleansing food supports health, weight loss and the organs that detoxify our bodies. All Americans should be at this food level vs. digesting toxic foods.

I call the first level of food “maximum nutrition in small doses”

It concentrates the live organic foods of the second level with nutrient formulas or supplements which are far superior to the other two levels.  These formulas come packaged as green powder, anti-oxidant drinks, protein powder, and cleansing herbs. They are a powerful help to our detoxification organs such as the colon, the liver , the kidneys, the skin and the lungs. The supplements include high powered nutrients: phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and essential fatty acids and more. All these good nutrients support your body at the cellular level which promotes increased energy, mental clarity, a balanced hormonal system, an improved immune system, and protection against degenerative diseases.  You feel better, lose weight and move toward optimal health.

What makes these supplements superior?
You know one glass of green drink has the nutrient content of 18 to 10 servings of rich green vegetables such as spirulina, barley, spinach, wheat grass, and other rich greens as well as phytonutrients, enzymes and aloe vera.

What does a diet of the first level of food look like?
It?s organic and live foods such as a vegetable plate, nuts, a salad and chicken almondine along with antioxidant fruit drinks, protein shakes, green drinks, enzymes and herbal cleanses. This is a detoxification and cleansing diet, nutrient packed with all the benefits of the second level plus an added advantage to support your entire body.

It’s a Toxic Foods World

In this toxic world our body is exhausted working overtime trying to digest food laden with toxins. That’s why many people are tired and sleepy after eating. You want your body to take a break from time to time so put your digestive system on a vacation and go on a detoxification diet. Eating with maximum nutrition in small doses is vital to your wellness, longevity and vibrant  life. Removing toxic foods from your daily regime is an excellent start.

Your partner in wellness,

Dr. Roni DeLuz RN, ND, PHD.

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