Listen to Your Body- The Power of Self-Healing

[pullquote_left]Listen to Your Body ? The Power of Self-Healing – Dr. Roni DeLuz[/pullquote_left] Many people underestimate the power of the body to know what is wrong and its ability to correct itself. The body has a natural way of healing itself and it does so without you even thinking about it. There was a time when people would just listen to what their bodies told them was wrong and work accordingly. This is why many people in the 20?s. 30?s, 40?s, 50?s and even the 60?s had very few problems with obesity and related health issues. They listened to their bodies, they had to do manual labor and therefore received plenty of exercise and they only ate as much as they needed to.

The Power of Self-Healing

As long as the body is healthy, it will take care of itself for the most part. The body can heal itself quite well without the help of prescription medication and doctors. We tend to forget about this because most of us believe that we need a prescription to cure any ailment we may have. self healing holistic retreat Because society is so fast paced today, there are several important things that our body tells us we need, but we simply ignore:

  • Taking a nap or sleeping when you’re tired. When you’re tired and ready for that 3 o’clock nap, we tend to ignore the urge to sleep and grab a coffee or soda instead.
  • Not using the restroom. Ignoring your need to evacuate is a huge issue. Many women suffer from urinary incontinence because holding it all day causes muscles to become weak. This causes our bodies to work against what it knows to do naturally. This also holds in toxins that they body needs to get out.
  • Taking anti-diarrheal. There is a reason that you develop diarrhea. Your body needs to get the “bug” out of its system and there is only one way for it to do that.
  • Suppressing sneezing. Your body tells you to sneeze because there is something foreign in it that needs to get out quickly.
  • Ignoring headaches. When your head is throbbing, lie down and find the cause. Don?t just assume that aspirin will take care of you.
  • Feeding fevers. A fever is your body?s natural way of burning a virus or ?bug? out of your system. If you let the fever continue then you can sweat it out. If you take a medication to stop the fever, the bug or virus will remain inside you.
  • Overeating. One of the most common things we do to our bodies is eat too much. Most people eat when they’re not even hungry.

Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat provides you with several supplements that can assist your body in its quest for natural healing. From Probiotics for healthy digestion to Detox Diets that can help rid your body of toxins, you will find a supplement to help your body fight all of your ailments. Your Partner in Wellness, Dr. Roni DeLuz