Fresh Juices for Breakfast

Fresh Juices

The benefits of fresh juices

Fresh juices are better and quicker than most breakfasts. Breakfast is the most important meal of our day. Unfortunately, owing to our modern lifestyles, we have disowned the idea of kick starting our day with a proper, nutritious breakfast. Those of you, who skip your breakfast, or any important meal for that matter, can compensate for the loss with the help of fresh juices.

Gone are the days when fresh juices were only supposed to be sweet.

With mankind’s relentless experiments in evolving new tastes and techniques, a surprising variety of vegetables and food items can be juiced these days. Thankfully, our choice of fresh juices is not restricted to the regular apple, orange or mixed fruit options and we have a far wider access to a wide variety of vegetable and other flavors. The good part about using vegetables for the purpose of making fresh juices ensures that we receive our daily quota of vegetable nutrients too. Blame it on our lifestyle again, but most people these days are consuming lesser and still lesser vegetables owing to their busy schedules. Vegetables take longer to cut and cook. The easy way out, therefore, is to juice them!

Making fresh juices from fruits and vegetables.

The same can be said about fruits too. Peeling and eating an orange may seem difficult to fit in our schedule of getting ready for work in the morning. Similarly, nibbling on an apple while working simultaneously may take you ages to finish the apple. We all know that fruits and vegetables, if cut and left to stay, develop harmful toxins as they begin to get stale. This is where making fresh juices from fruits and vegetables make sense.

Making fresh juices has another big advantage.

We might be used to discarding certain portions of fruits and vegetables when we chop them, thus throwing away some very important nutrients in the food items. However, while making fresh juices, we tend to include all these parts and thus get a super nutritious and tasty concoction to drink.


What more, fresh juices can be mixed to form a wide range of lip smacking flavors.

Sprinkle some spice on them sparingly and you have delicious glasses of good health!To summarize, juices are wholesome drinks. They are quick and easy to make and much faster to consume. So what are you waiting for? Make a glasses of fresh juices now and skip the bagel and cream cheese or the egg and cheese from convenient stores.

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