Enemas: An Old Remedy to New Problems

[pullquote_left]Enemas: An Old Remedy to New Problems – Dr. Roni DeLuz [/pullquote_left] In the ?old days? people regularly gave themselves enemas to ensure regularity as well as to introduce helpful and active agents into the body. Enemas provided them with several health benefits such as relief from impacted stools as well as bodily sludge. The enema encouraged the body to release these toxins from the body and the person had an overall feeling of health as a result of it.

The Enema

Today, however, very few enemas are given by health professionals. A laxative and a glass of water have now replaced a procedure that was once performed by doctors for constipated patients. They no longer want to deal with the forty-five minute enema procedure and the resulting feces. Nevertheless, should you desire to give yourself an enema, there is a simple process and recipe that you can use at home. Purchase my book, 21 Pounds in 21 Days, to learn more about enemas and how they work.

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The supplies that you will need are as follows:

  • Enema bag or the old red hot water bottle that your grandmother may have had hanging around. Both can be purchased at a medical supply store.
  • 1 gallon of distilled water
  • 1 lemon or you can use 1 tablespoon of organic vinegar
  • 1 small bottle of vitamin E oil or you can use 2 vitamin E capsules, these are for lubrication
  • 1 old towel or blanket
  • 1 plastic sheet or waterproof sheet

If you choose to use a hot water bottle, you will need a screw-on long tube, or you can use the disposable enema bottle. Either way, you will have a thin applicator tip that is gently inserted into the rectum. You will then introduce the water mixture into your colon while lying in the proper Sim?s position. This position is designed to reduce the amount of discomfort you may feel. Once the bag is empty, it is best to retain the solution for five to fifteen minutes, especially if you are constipated. After this amount of time, use the toilet and release the fluid. You may want to hang around the toilet for a little while longer as the entire solution does not always comes out the first time. You can then take a nice bath or shower and then relax in a prone position for a while. This is comforting to most people. Many people are amazed at how much better they feel after an enema, especially if they have never experienced one before and if they have a lot of toxic build up in their colon.

Your Partner in Wellness,

Dr. Roni DeLuz