Drinking Water Could Save Your Life

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I’m delighted to be back sharing more information with you about our health, longevity and beauty.  Most of you know from the Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox. My partner Jimmy Hester walks around with a gallon of distilled water.  It’s like his wallet; it goes everywhere he goes.  He drinks distilled water because he is detoxing.

You may think water is too simplistic to write about but many of my clients needed details on how and when to drink water. They were so dehydrated that water was repulsive to them. Water is an important and sensitive issue and the most important element in keeping us in homeostasis. Our body is 70% water.

Why Americans Aren’t Drinking Water?

Of course we all know that we are supposed to drink 8 glasses a day but according to many health experts 70 to 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. There are many reasons and excuses that we give for not drinking water: many say it is because of lack of time, or they don’t like the taste of water or, they don’t feel thirsty or, they can’t use the bathroom too often at work or, they are afraid to use public restrooms, or they are afraid to drink from the tap. So instead they often drink sodas, but sodas make you thirsty.

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How do I Know If I’m Dehydrated?

We usually have vague, mild symptoms that we get used to: headaches, dry mouth, bad breath, dark urine, lethargy, and light headedness. Other conditions may also be related to not drinking enough water. I had a client who could not get rid of her back pain for over five years despite medications and therapy until she started a program of two glasses of water on awakening and two glasses two hours before each meal. I also have seen bladder infections clear up with just water without antibiotics.

So What Kind of Drinking Water Should I drink?

Public agencies have stated that several million Americans are drinking water that is potentially hazardous to their health due to chemical or bacterial contamination. Talking about the different types of water is another whole article but let me be clear that drinking distilled water is the best for detoxing. However, it may not be the best for everyone all the time. Distilled water has no toxins but it also has no minerals.  If your diet is poor in minerals you may want to buy a high quality water filtration system or bottled water.

What Can I Expect If I Drink More Water?

The health benefits of drinking water are numerous and include anti-aging, weight loss, and beauty enhancement. With the excitement of weight loss you also start to notice fading age spots, better skin texture, brighter eyes, clearing skin rashes, digestion and bowel improvement, lessening joint and other pain, decreased blood pressure may, relief from allergies, and diabetics may see a drop in blood sugar.

I Don’t Like Water. What should I Do?

When you give your body enough water your body will naturally begin to crave it. Until then you should try water recipes.  Yes, that’s right water recipes!

  • Spice Water? In a large pitcher put: a cinnamon stick, a few cloves,  a few cumin seeds, 1 Tbs. of fennel seeds, and a pea size piece of fresh ginger. Pour hot water over the spices and lit them steep for half an hour. Fill the pitcher with cold water.
  • Lemon or Lime Water? Squeeze 3 lemons or 3 limes into a pitcher of water.
  • Mint/Lemon Water? Same as the lemon water, add mint leaves.
  • Vanilla Water? Add organic vanilla extract (without alcohol) to water to taste.
  • Tea Water? let an herbal tea bag steep in hot water half an hour and add cool water.

As you can see you can do creative things with water. Put these waters in your refrigerator in glass pitchers because the visual image will encourage you to drink.

Would a Little Soda or Alcohol Hurt?

Sodas and alcohols can be very toxic and have dehydrating properties.  Not only do they have a high number of chemicals but the mix of sugar and salt is greater than that in your blood stream so instead of diluting or hydrating your blood stream they have the opposite effect.  In addition both alcohol and caffeine are diuretics; i.e. they cause your body to lose fluids thus depleting much needed minerals.

I have been asked what is the purest alcohol to drink.  My research shows vodka is the least likely to cause problems but it is still a toxin that is detrimental to your health. Drinking water before and after drinking any alcohol will lessen its ill effects.

Why We Should Not Drink with Our Food.

Water interferes with the digestive process by diluting your enzymes, making them unable to break down the food into liquid form so that it is usable.  As a colon specialist I have seen many clients with healthy diets, doing all the right things but still they cannot digest their food.  They were drinking too much fluid with their meals. That?s why enzyme therapy is important ? but that?s another article.

Why Is Water Important for Detoxing and Weight Loss?

During the detox program water helps your liver and kidneys flush out waste, chemicals, and toxins. The liver converts stored fat into energy but the liver can’t do its job if the kidneys are not getting enough water to do their job.

As for weight loss your metabolism slows down by 3% when the body is not getting enough water. Water also helps to suppress the appetite and can even act like a water pill ? the more you drink, the more your fat cells flush.

Do You Have Any Tips on Drinking More Water?

Drink room temperature water. Cold water interferes with the temperature in your body and disrupts the flow of energy. Spread out your water consumption throughout the day  and stop at least 3 hours before bedtime. Improve the quality of your water by filtering with a reverse osmosis system or high quality filter. If you are on the MV Diet Detox Program don’t forget, distilled water is best.

Whatever it takes to get you to drink pure clean water, just do it! Do it for health and longevity.

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